Paris is approaching!

On October 1-3, we are excited to meet and greet our friends and
colleagues in the business and also looking for new opportunities
on the European market.

So; make sure to visit the TriLight Microwave booth (# A2020).
We are looking forward meeting you there!



TriLight Microwave is pleased to offer a family of unmatched
RF transistors made on GaN on SiC  technology from Iconic RF.
The product portfolio consists of 6, 12, 25, 50 and 90W  chips
(output power at P3dB level) 0.25 um  process,  28 (12-32) Volt,
9-13 dB gain.

One of the smallest chip outlines and compatible with best offers
from industry. The products could be matched for operations up
to 14 GHz or just above. Well suited for C, X, Ku band operations
with efficiency up to 60% in C band.

We are happy to announce a new member to TriLight Microwave;
Andreas recently joined the team operating in our Sales and Marketing division.

His background includes sales development for many years in the electronic component industry as well as sales management positions in the FMCG/consumer electronics industry. With his 20+ year experience in sales development and management in different industries we believe Andreas will become a valuable addition to TriLight Microwave and our expansion of the business and further penetration of the European market demand for RF high end and electronic component applications.

Andreas’ contact details;
Mobile. +46 707107732