During these unprecedented times, Trilight Microwave wanted to ensure continued supply of our components to all customers. We have completed due diligence with our suppliers and are happy to inform you that for the time being the supply of products on order, and future orders will be uninterrupted. This of course is subject to any future directions given by the Swedish government regarding the flow of goods in to and out of the country, and of any governments with jurisdiction at the point of manufacture.

Trilight have instigated social distancing in the office and appropriate cleaning methods are being employed in any shared areas in the office / warehouse. Where possible home working is now the norm to minimise personnel in the office, and travel has been minimised to only absolutely essential journeys.

If you would like added security in supply, Trilight offer stocking capabilities, ensuring the components will reside in Europe, and a fast turn around for customers. In addition, if you have future planned demand, Trilight will be able to investigate current stock levels for additional security of supply for you. Please contact your local Trilight employee for further information.