TriLight Microwave represent and distribute Knowles Precision Devices ranges of;

Multilayer, Single Layer, High Reliability and Precision Variable Capacitors, EMI Filters and Microwave Devices including RF Filters, Splitters and Couplers

The new SV Series capacitor assemblies offer better performance than aluminum or tantalum electrolytic capacitors, can be made with up to ten chips of the same size with various lead configurations, and are 100% tested for dielectric withstanding voltage, insulation resistance, capacitance, and dissipation factor.

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With a reputation for reliability in demanding environments, Vanguard is a preferred supplier to major contractors in the Defense, Aerospace, Space, Medical and Down-hole Oil & Gas industries. Vanguard offers a complete line of RF and Power components ranging from milliwatt chip inductors to 10kVA power transformers.

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