TriLight Microwave Europe exclusive European distributor for Dalian Dalicap

TriLight Microwave Europe is the exclusive European distributor and distribution center for Dalian Dalicap Technology Co Ltd. We are supplying Dalicap’s extensive range of HiQ, low ESR RF multilayer capacitors, single layer capacitors and capacitor arrays and assemblies.

We offer HiQ MLC from size 0201 to 130130 (1.3×1.3” 10kV) being the largest selection of high power RF MLCs on the market.
TriLight Microwave Europe provides the market with excellent product quality, support, logistics and RFQ services. Locally supporting all European customers demand and inquiries with same day service.
You can download the Dalicap catalog and TriLight Microwave Europe line card from below links.
We are looking forward to your inquiries and contact!