Aero space & satellite systems

Substrate Dielectrics SLC Capacitors

Substrate Dielectrics
SLC Capacitors

Oscillators and Crystals OCXO, TCXO, VCXO

Oscillators and Crystals

Wet Tantalum Hybrid Capacitors

Quantic Evans
Wet Tantalum Hybrid

All of Trilight Microwave Europe’s represented companies have product ranges to offer for certified space applications, from Cots products to specifically screened components to the customers requirements

Knowles Precision Devices
Knowles is able to offer single layer capacitors over the widest range of chip types, sizes, values and tolerances for any microwave circuit.

Axtal Advanced Products
Axtal have a specific range of OCXOs that have been specially packaged for space application. The OCXO’s are designed to specification and manufactured and tested to S level in accordance with the relevant Mil-PRF 55310 specification.

Quantic Evans
Quantic Evans wet tantalum capacitors have a long heritage of being used in flight missions, providing unrivaled power densities of LEO and radiation prone environments.

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