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Passive Plus introduces Hi-Q Trimmer Capacitors

Passive Plius have introduced a range HI-Q Air Tubular, Sapphire and Air Plate Trimmer Capacitors, which are available in Non-Magnetic Terminations. Ranges cover capacitance values of 1pF to 100pF depending on type and a range of 3mm surface mount trimmers with varying voltage ratings and torque. For more information and quotation, please contact TriLight Microwave. PPI Trimmer […]

Knowles SV-series capacitor assemblies

TriLight Microwave represent and distribute Knowles Precision Devices ranges of; Multilayer, Single Layer, High Reliability and Precision Variable Capacitors, EMI Filters and Microwave Devices including RF Filters, Splitters and Couplers The new SV Series capacitor assemblies offer better performance than aluminum or tantalum electrolytic capacitors, can be made with up to ten chips of the […]

Vanguard Electronics – Hi-Rel/Space grade Inductors and Transformers

With a reputation for reliability in demanding environments, Vanguard is a preferred supplier to major contractors in the Defense, Aerospace, Space, Medical and Down-hole Oil & Gas industries. Vanguard offers a complete line of RF and Power components ranging from milliwatt chip inductors to 10kVA power transformers. Contact TriLight Microwave for any queries and demand […]

TriLight Microwave and Knowles Precision Devices expands territory rep/distribution agreement

TriLight Microwave would like to inform future and current business contacts that we have deepened and extended our partnership with Knowles Precision Devices. Our formal representation and distribution agreement now also covers (except for Russia) also the Nordic region (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway) and the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). With the help of offerings […]

Vanguard HILO Series – High current low profile power inductors

VANGUARD ELECTRONICS, manufacturer of inductors, transformers, all kind of windings for tough applications in Defense, Aerospace, Avionics, Oil & Gas, Medical activities; is launching planar components, HILO series. Planar structure is based on flattened magnetic cores with windings realized on pcbs which provide more embedded power (up to 100A, withstand voltage 500Vrms). The advantages of […]

In stock: 1–6 GHz, 20 Watt Wideband Amplifier – MS010620

Microwave Systems offers the MS010620 multi-octave, high-power GaN amplifier designed to operate from 1 to 6 GHz. It is ideally suited for use in communications systems, radar systems, test instrumentation, broadband RF telemetry, point to point radio, and fiber optics applications. This high-power GaN amplifier provides a saturated output power of 41 Watts with a […]

Benefits of Evans High Temperature Capacitors

Evans Capacitors are a range of hybrid Wet Tantalum capacitors designed for high current operations in harsh conditions. The novel technology allows for high capacitance beyond that available in standard wet tantalum technology, to operate at significant voltages and high currents to give high power capability, either in pulsed applications due to their low ESR, or […]

High Power Pulsed Modules for L-Band Radar Operating Up to 1.4 GHz

Integra offers a high power pulsed avionics L-band module and a high efficiency, low input/output VSWR module. IGNP0912L1KW is a 50-ohm matched GaN-based high power pulsed pallet amplifier for L- band avionics systems operating over the instantaneous bandwidth of 0.960 – 1.215 GHz. This module supplies a minimum of 1000 W of peak pulse power, […]


During these unprecedented times, Trilight Microwave wanted to ensure continued supply of our components to all customers. We have completed due diligence with our suppliers and are happy to inform you that for the time being the supply of products on order, and future orders will be uninterrupted. This of course is subject to any […]


Passive Plus Inc. (PPI) has expanded its Broadband Capacitor line to include the industry’s smallest .010”x.005” Broadband part characterized for RF performance. The 01005BB104 (100nF) Broadband multilayer ceramic capacitor specifications: For more information reg PPI or your capacitor needs, please contact TriLight Microwave.