Iconic RF/Microchip X-Band GaN based amplifier MMICs

Trilight Microwave Europe is an official distributor of Iconic RF (a Microchip company).

We work closely with  the principal’s design and management teams since the company was established in 2018. Iconic RF use well established technologies and due to its engineering experiences in MMIC designs since early 15+ years.

Trilight Microwave Europe’s offer of Iconic RF’s X-Band GaN based amplifier MMICs  with power level of  12,  25,  70W, and application and sales support  for the family of power amplifiers.

ICP1040  is 2 stage MMIC 12W MMIC amplifier operates at  7.9  to 11 GHz. Amplifier can withhold  CW and pulse conditions.  Typical PAE is 40% and 22dB small signal gain. ICP1040 is well suited for commercial and defense applications. Also available is the ICP1040P, which is a packaged version of this device, in a 6×6 QFN. Amplifier equipped with integrated power detector. Small die size: 2.5 x 1 mm.
ICP1044 is a three stage 30W  MMIC  power amplifier in bare die form, fabricated using GaN-on-SiC technology. The amplifier operates from 7.9 to 11GHz with 44 dBm output power, 38% typical PAE across the band and 22 dB small signal gain. The ICP1044P is a packaged version of this device, in a 6×6 QFN. 
ICP1048 is a three stage 70W  MMIC power amplifier, fabricated using GaN on SiC technology. The ICP1048 operates from 8.5 to 11GHz with 48.5dBm output power, 35% PAE and 24dB small signal gain. Product is also available in 10x20mm flange package.
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Photo: ICP1040 die assembly under RF drive at 10GHz, Pout=40.3dBm CW, Vd=28V
ICP1044 QFN mounted at the test fixture