TriLight Microwave Europe will exhibit at the EuMW in Milan.

On 27-29th September, we look forward meeting both existing but also new business partners to discuss exciting business opportunities.

So, please make sure to stop by for a chat.
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Optimize your power electronics with high-capacitance MLCCs designed to operate reliably and efficiently in the most demanding applications.

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Evans Capacitor Company held a live webinar about Hybrid Capacitors for Hi-Rel Applications. In case you couldn’t attend, we are providing a recording of the complete webinar. Watch here to learn more about the latest capacitor technologies:

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Vanguard Electronics has expanded one of the industry’s widest QPL offerings. Vanguard is now QPL on M83446/39 series (1812) inductors. We are able to offer MIL QPL and Space (MIL STD 981). Catalog or custom values are encouraged! Lead-times are also among the industry shortest (stock to 10 weeks)

Please contact TriLight Microwave Europe for your inquiries.

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TriLight Microwave Europe will of course exhibit at the EuMW in London.

From 4-6 April, we look forward meeting both existing but also new business partners and discuss new exciting business opportunities.

So, please make sure to stop by for a chat.
Looking forward seeing you there!

As RF and microwave systems require higher performance in a small footprint, designers and engineers need to get more out of every component, including capacitors. To meet these demands, Knowles Precision Devices has expanded its line of single-layer vertical electrode (V Series) capacitors to include the 100nF V80 Bypass Capacitor. The V80 is a revolutionary development for capacitors as it is the first SLC to feature an operating voltage of 50V in .084” x .042” package. The closest competitor product at this size is only rated for 16V.

A Close-Up of the V80 Bypass Capacitor
If you are not already familiar with the Knowles Precision Devices line of V Series SLCs, these capacitors were designed to provide higher capacitance in a smaller footprint, especially compared to general purpose MLCCs. Additionally, with our line of SLCs, impedance becomes lower at higher frequencies, which helps filter out noise and irregularities in the power line, creating a smooth supply voltage for the circuit. More specifically, with the new V80 SLC, which is built on one of our proprietary Class II dielectrics, our SLC line now is expanded to include capacitance that is 10X higher at 100nF, while also increasing the operating voltage rating to 50V, all in an incredibly small footprint.

– Up to 50% more capacitance compared to the TDD Series
– Same compact size, weight, and quality as TDD Series
– Ideal for radar, power hold-up, laser, electronic warfare applications, and more
– Minimal qualification required to make the upgrade to TDE

Learn all aspects of the TDE Series: Click here

Once you have decided a trimmer capacitor is a good fit for your application, there are numerous additional decisions to make. In addition to the many dielectric options, trimmer capacitors are also available in numerous package styles, including those designed for PCB mounting, panel mounting, and surface-mount applications. Trimmer capacitors are even available for low-temperature applications in cryogenic systems and manufactured without magnetic materials for use in critical industrial and medical applications such as MRI systems.

There are also many specifications to consider when comparing trimmer capacitor options including capacitance range, the number of turns required to cover the capacitance range, the SRF, the minimum Q, temperature coefficient, tuning torque, DC working voltage, DWV, and size. When looking at these specs and comparing components from different manufacturers, it is important to normalize values for these characteristics as much as possible since manufacturers may use different reference points for measurements.

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Vanguard has released a new line of high temperature inductors, XTHILO. These parts feature
– 150C operating temp
– DCR in the single digit mohm range (low I2R )
– 1/2 the size of traditional magnetics
– Withstands the severest shock and vibration
– Current Ranges from 1-75A

Vanguard has expanded its QPL offering of the popular M27/372 Power Inductors (60K series) to include case size A0 (smallest) and A5 (largest). Inductances range from 20nh -10000uh and currents ratings to 12A. These are very versatile inductors that can be configured in several different ways (series, parallel or 1:1 transformer). Vanguard space options to MIL STD 981.