Oil and Gas Exploration

Wet Tantalum Hybrid Capacitors

Wet Tantalum Hybrid

Oscillators and Crystals OCXO, TCXO, VCXO

Oscillators and Crystals

Trilight represent a number of suppliers that have unrivaled experience

In the Oil and Gas industry and have a number of components ideally suited to the harsh down hole environments experienced at the drill head. High temperatures and pressures put extreme demands on components and only the products that are proven in their applications are represented by TriLight Microwave.

Evans Capacitor Company
Evans Capacitors using hermetically sealed Wet Tantalum technology are renowned and proven for their use in harsh environments, with the HC-HT and THQA2-HT series qualified for use up to 200 deg C, providing high energy density capacitors for various down hole applications

Axtal Advanced Products
Axtal have been manufacturing for down-hole instrumentation for many years, offering High temp OCXO’s, pressure and temperature sensors, and raw crystalline materials used in high temperature instrumentation.

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