Telecom & Fiber Optic Systems

Substrate Dielectrics SLC Capacitors

Substrate Dielectrics
SLC Capacitors

Oscillators and Crystals OCXO, TCXO, VCXO

Hi-Q low ESR
Capacitors MLC

Wet Tantalum Hybrid Capacitors

CX Thin Films
Thin Film Resistors
Hi-K dielectrics

Wet Tantalum Hybrid Capacitors

Vectrawave / Microchip-IconicRF
MMIC packaged
X-Band PA

High frequency components used in the fiber optic communications industry are supported by a number of our suppliers.

Knowles Precision Devices
Knowles carry a range of high dielectric constant single layer capacitors, mounting shorts and sub mounts ideal for use with any gold box design for ROSA and TOSA applications

Dalicap Technology
Dalicap are closely associated with the optical communication business, offering a range of industry beating broadband capacitors ideal for RF coupling / DC block and decoupling noise to ground. The design of the device allows extremely wide band response from DC to 60GHz in the case of the 0201 100nF capacitor and is ideally suited for ROSA / TOSA designs

CX Thin Films
CX Thin-Films is a leading manufacturer of Thin Film Resistors and Attenuators, Custom and Functional. Build to print services. High quality and fast turn a round.

Vectrawave / Microchip-IconicRF
GaAs MMIC technology for Laser drivers and amplifier modules for driving absorptive and LiNbOmodulators, in Connectorised, SMD or GPPO packages.

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