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Knowles SLC – High voltage / Small footprint V80 Bypass capacitor

As RF and microwave systems require higher performance in a small footprint, designers and engineers need to get more out of every component, including capacitors. To meet these demands, Knowles Precision Devices has expanded its line of single-layer vertical electrode (V Series) capacitors to include the 100nF V80 Bypass Capacitor. The V80 is a revolutionary […]

Quick Guide to Trimmer Capacitor Selection

Once you have decided a trimmer capacitor is a good fit for your application, there are numerous additional decisions to make. In addition to the many dielectric options, trimmer capacitors are also available in numerous package styles, including those designed for PCB mounting, panel mounting, and surface-mount applications. Trimmer capacitors are even available for low-temperature […]

Expanded High Temperature Inductors from Vanguard

Vanguard has released a new line of high temperature inductors, XTHILO. These parts feature – 150C operating temp – DCR in the single digit mohm range (low I2R ) – 1/2 the size of traditional magnetics – Withstands the severest shock and vibration – Current Ranges from 1-75A

Vanguard Expands QPL Offering of Power Inductors

Vanguard has expanded its QPL offering of the popular M27/372 Power Inductors (60K series) to include case size A0 (smallest) and A5 (largest). Inductances range from 20nh -10000uh and currents ratings to 12A. These are very versatile inductors that can be configured in several different ways (series, parallel or 1:1 transformer). Vanguard space options to […]

Vanguard’s newest series – VE3013

Vanguard has launched its newest addition to the power inductor portfolio, the VE3013. This is a new inductor ideally suited for POL, DC/DC and small power applications. The inductance ranges from 1-1000uh with current ratings to 2.7A. It is initially targeted to COTS+ applications with plans to offer a space version late in 2021.

Agile Microwave – Power amplifiers in stock!

TriLight Microwave offer a number of product categories in the field of RF/Microwave applications and our co-operation with Agile Microwave offers power amplifiers ready to ship from stock; Agile Microwave stock For questions or request for quotation please contact us at TriLight Microwave!    

Vanguard Electronics on Mars

TriLight Microwave represents a number of RF/Microwave component manufacturers where Vanguard Electronics is one example providing Hi-Rel components in environments with specs for extreme durability. For more on TriLight Microwave and what we can offer please contact us! Vanguard on Mars  

Knowles SV-series capacitor assemblies

TriLight Microwave represent and distribute Knowles Precision Devices ranges of; Multilayer, Single Layer, High Reliability and Precision Variable Capacitors, EMI Filters and Microwave Devices including RF Filters, Splitters and Couplers The new SV Series capacitor assemblies offer better performance than aluminum or tantalum electrolytic capacitors, can be made with up to ten chips of the […]